The Human Exposome Assessment Platform


HEAP symposium preview - "Measuring the exposome - delusion or next frontier?"

Is it even possible to measure the exposome? The HEAP Symposium 2022 (on-line, free to attend)...

HEAP symposium preview – “Biobanking and the exposome”

Are biobanks and research infrastructures ready to address the grand health challenges of today and...

European data cohorts - HEAP and EHEN launch questionnaire on participant consent and governance

The HEAP project is reaching out to data cohort “owners” across Europe to invite them...

TEDx talk - the case for a data driven approach to health policy

The notion of sharing data during public health emergencies is generally accepted, and has been...

Introducing the HEAP Symposium 2022

Registration is open for the HEAP Symposium 2022 - "Frontiers in Human Exposome Research". It...

The HEAP interview - Ville Pimenoff on data cohorts

We talk to Ville Pimenoff, Senior Research Fellow at Karolinska Institute in Sweden who is the...

Symposium "Frontiers in Human Exposome Research" to be hosted by the Medical University of Graz

The HEAP Annual Meeting and Symposium 2022 will be held in Graz, Austria from Wednesday...

Video explainer - key features of the HEAP platform for researchers

The HEAP You Tube channel launches with a handy video guide for exposome researchers! The...

Myself and another female scientist from my group are joint first authors on a scientific manuscript. A reviewer just credited the second author, a male scientist, with the first authorship... Pretty low blow for #genderequality.

#implicitbias #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter

#Data for Learning Healthcare Systems. Practices, regulatory developments and values

Hybrid symposium from HEAP partner MCLF
Fri 1 July 2022

Drivers, barriers, role of #GDPR and European Health Data Space (EHDS)
On-line Registration 👉 https://t.co/6yzfoQRMuW

We just presented our @AuroraProjectEU on #micronanoplastics and early life health at the yearly @CuspResearch meeting. Excellent presentations of our early career scientists @ldbmandemaker @annaruthski and Hanna Dusza. Thx to @CuspResearch and JRC. @HRExposomics #exposome https://t.co/NYioEk3Snl heap_exposome photo


HEAP is a 5-year project funded by the European Union (EU) Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme. The project’s 12 Work Packages will be delivered by a consortium of partners, including some of Europe’s leading medical universities and research institutions. As one of nine projects in the European Human Exposome Network, HEAP is committed to collaboration and to sharing results and outcomes.


The HEAP informatics platform will bring data and research together to provide an open resource for scientists and policy-makers across the world. 


HEAP is a system for analysing exposome data. The data come from large groups of people, or data cohorts.


The data will be used for ethical research, using the latest scientific methods, to help improve understanding of the environmental factors that affect human health.


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