The Human Exposome Assessment Platform

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15 December 2022
15 December 2022

Bring Your Own Data - the story so far

News from BYOD#3 Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) workshops are the engine of the HEAP...

01 December 2022
01 December 2022

FInal episode of "Swamped?" - The Time Machine....

Faced with an algorithm that can’t be commercialised, and patient data that can’t be reused...

28 November 2022
28 November 2022

A database dilemma... Episode 4 of "Swamped?"

Our heroes embark on a new research project, and Data Gator is on the brink...

23 November 2022
23 November 2022

What's on the agenda of BYOD#3?

What’s on the agenda of the HEAP BYOD#3? To prepare for the workshop, attendees have...

23 November 2022
23 November 2022

What happens at a "Bring Your Own Data" workshop?

Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) workshops are an essential element of the HEAP project. Typically...

21 November 2022
21 November 2022

Episode 3 of "Swamped?" Making data accessible

Data Gator launches a search for his missing sediment samples in the latest instalment of...

14 November 2022
14 November 2022

Episode 2 of "Swamped? A data management survival guide for researchers."

Join FAIR frog and Data Gator in this 5-minute video as they reach the end...

07 November 2022
07 November 2022

Introducing FAIR frog and Data Gator!

Meet the newest members of the HEAP project team! FAIR frog and Data Gator are...

Data Gator’s on the brink of a new scientific discovery! But… is it all too good to be true?
The latest “Swamped?” video from the HEAP team - “A Database dilemma” on the importance of Interoperable #exposome #FAIRdata
https://t.co/lPxyjI6jNf via @YouTube
Kicking off the HEAP #BYOData workshop in Stockholm with a demonstration of a #metagenomics pipeline in @hopsworks, with guests from the #ehen network projects and @IARCWHO
More #exposome datasets to follow! https://t.co/fyd7y9qlES
heap_exposome photo
Will Data Gator ever find his missing sediment samples? Can the HEAP project and @kuivaluoto come to the rescue?
Presenting Swamped? Episode 3 of the #FAIRData, #exposome adventure!
https://t.co/8cC6vIJqkV via @YouTube



The HEAP informatics platform will bring data and research together to provide an open resource for scientists and policy-makers across the world. 


HEAP is a system for analysing exposome data. The data come from large groups of people, or data cohorts.


The data will be used for ethical research, using the latest scientific methods, to help improve understanding of the environmental factors that affect human health.


The HEAP consortia includes leading medical universities and research institutions from six European countries, a technology company in the artificial intelligence field, and a team of legal specialists. 


As a member of the European Human Exposome Network (EHEN), HEAP is committed to collaboration and sharing results and outcomes. 

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