Talks and insights on exposome research infrastructures and data, public health ethics, governance of research projects, and engagement with research participants.

"Humanity and the Environment: Moving Exposome Research from Information to Action"

The final HEAP Symposium, hosted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) on-line and at the IARC Nouveau Centre building in Lyon, France, will take place on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th May 2024.

Day 1: "Research infrastructures and data: Advancing knowledge on the environment and our health"

The first day of the Symposium will feature a tour for delegates of the IARC biobank, and a talk from Jana Klánová, coordinator of EIRENE (Environmental Exposure Assessment Research Infrastructure). 

In the first session, “Exposome data”, presentations from HEAP researchers will demonstrate how exposome data from wearable devices, consumer receipts and biological samples can be harnessed for scientific insights. The day will conclude with a plenary discussion on the impact and potential of collaborative exposome research.

Day 2: "Exposome research: Ethics, Law and Future Perspectives"

The second day consists of three sessions, “Exposome research and public health ethics”, “Governance of research projects”, and “Future enablers of exposome research”. 

The day will feature presentations on EU ethical and legal topics in exposome research, public health and health equity, open science and cross-border research, engagement with study participants, and the European Health Data Space.

The Symposium will conclude with an international perspective, covering biobanking and the new International Human Exposome Network (IHEN).

Exposome researchers, ethicists and policy makers are invited to attend both or one of the Symposium days in person. On-line attendees can attend individual talks or sessions as per the agenda.

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