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New Year updates from the Bring Your Own Data workshop, and all the videos from FAIR Frog and Data Gator 


Happy New Year 2023! The last few months have been very productive for the HEAP project, with the launch of the "Swamped?" video series on FAIR data principles  hosted by the newest project team members - FAIR frog and Data Gator. The HEAP team was also busy testing pipelines and defining metadata at the Bring Your Own Data workshop. For more details, look no further than the posts below.

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Bring Your Own Data – the story so far
15 December 2022
News from BYOD#3 Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) workshops are the engine of the HEAP project, and are essential to its mission to develop a secure and scalable […]
FInal episode of “Swamped?” – The Time Machine….
1 December 2022
Faced with an algorithm that can’t be commercialised, and patient data that can’t be reused for a new study because the consent forms were badly designed, Data Gator […]
A database dilemma… Episode 4 of “Swamped?”
28 November 2022
Our heroes embark on a new research project, and Data Gator is on the brink of a ground-breaking discovery! But is it all too good to be true? […]
What’s on the agenda of BYOD#3?
23 November 2022
What’s on the agenda of the HEAP BYOD#3? To prepare for the workshop, attendees have uploaded data and analysis pipelines to the Hopsworks informatics platform. The data sources […]
What happens at a “Bring Your Own Data” workshop?
23 November 2022
Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) workshops are an essential element of the HEAP project. Typically lasting between two and four days, the BYOD brings together project members from […]
Episode 3 of “Swamped?” Making data accessible
21 November 2022
Data Gator launches a search for his missing sediment samples in the latest instalment of Swamped? But the samples are nowhere to found, Gator’s research into swamp ecosystems […]
Episode 2 of “Swamped? A data management survival guide for researchers.”
14 November 2022
Join FAIR frog and Data Gator in this 5-minute video as they reach the end of their first joint research project and submit their paper for publication. But […]
Introducing FAIR frog and Data Gator!
7 November 2022
Meet the newest members of the HEAP project team! FAIR frog and Data Gator are scientific researchers from two very different institutions – Swamp Institute, and FAIR Labs. […]
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