Join FAIR frog and Data Gator in this 5-minute video as they reach the end of their first joint research project and submit their paper for publication. But there’s a problem…. Data Gator has escaped from the swamp, but it looks like he forgot to bring his metadata with him….

As Data Gator and FAIR frog battle against the odds to submit their paper, we hear from HEAP researcher Sara as she shares a few stories from her early research career, and explains how these days, she keeps track of her data through Global Unique Identifiers (that persist over time).

“Making data findable” is the second instalment of the “Swamped?” video series, in which our heroes show you why good data management is essential for collaborative research and to uncover new scientific insights.

There’s a happy ending, as FAIR frog shows Data Gator the on-line FAIR data self-assessment tool for researchers, developed by the HEAP project team using the FAIR data concepts, Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable.

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