Meet the newest members of the HEAP project team! FAIR frog and Data Gator are scientific researchers from two very different institutions – Swamp Institute, and FAIR Labs.

Join them as they escape from the Swamp, and find out from HEAP project manager Roxana how important FAIR data principles are to successful research collaborations.

Through their adventures, FAIR Frog and Data Gator show why good data management is essential for open science, and for managing the ever-larger datasets available to researchers.

The Swamped? series is an engaging introduction to FAIR data principles in five short videos, and features interviews with the HEAP project team, including scientists from Karolinska Institute, University of Oulu and the University of Innsbruck. They share their stories of data triumphs and disasters, and some FAIR data tips and tricks for FAIR frog’s Data Management Survival Guide.

The videos also introduce a FAIR data self-assessment tool for researchers, which was developed by the HEAP project team and is available on-line.

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