Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) workshops are an essential element of the HEAP project. Typically lasting between two and four days, the BYOD brings together project members from different disciplines, enabling them to work in a “hands on” environment.

BYOD workshops are inspired by the “Bring Your Own Device” movement and involve:

  • Attendees bringing “real data” to troubleshoot as a collective
  • “Hackathon” working, with hands-on activities such as coding, mock-ups, and API tests
  • A “Connectathon” approach, to check the interoperability of data and interfaces
  • A “Jamboree” format – sessions have no fixed agenda or formal presentations

Twenty-eight participants are attending HEAP BYOD#3 this week in Stockholm, to implement analysis pipelines, ML models and other research-supporting tools to analyse data from the HEAP cohorts.

More to follow…

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