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In this issue: How FAIR is your data? - Recruiting for the HEAP Consumer data cohort - Exposome events for autumn


Welcome to summer, and to the latest edition of the HEAP project newsletter! In this issue, we present some highlights of the HEAP partners’ work this year, including Staten Serum Institut’s launch of its volunteer recruitment campaign for the consumer data cohort. Over the summer, Danish patients that have been recently diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease will be asked for their consent to share anonymised data from their consumer transactions. This data will be cross-referenced with anonymised medical data to demonstrate how consumer and health data can be combined to get insights into how the personal exposome, through the food we eat and the products we buy, affects our health.  

Data Self Assessment Service

To support the researchers behind the HEAP data cohorts, the HEAP team at the Medical University of Graz has been piloting a Self Assessment Service (SAS), that serves as a “pre-interview” assessment of how FAIR their datasets are, and how ready their data is for the platform.

Data and the law

The HEAP legal experts from MLC Foundation have also been working with our researchers to define a legal framework for sharing data across borders, and on the concept of joint controllership for the HEAP informatics platform.  They are also leading the Legal and Ethics Working Group from the European Human Exposome Network, of which HEAP is a member, to look at the legal issues that the projects have in common.

Coming up - HEAP video series

In the autumn 2021 issue, we will be presenting the first HEAP videos, one providing an overview of the project, and another with a deep dive into Hopsworks, explaining all the features that provide the computing power behind the HEAP informatics platform.

Stay tuned and have a great summer!

Researchers! Is your data ready for interview?
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New “Self Assessment Service” developed by the HEAP team at the Medical University of Graz. The HEAP informatics platform aims to make data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable […]

The HEAP interview - Frederik Trier Møller from the Consumer Cohort Project
12 July 2021
We talk to Frederik Trier Møller, MD, PhD, who is Principal Investigator of the HEAP Consumer Cohort Project, based at Statens Serum Institut (SSI) in Copenhagen. The Consumer […]

Exposome events for Autumn 2021

The European Human Exposome Network website features an events calendar and social media feed which is already filling up for Autumn 2021. HEAP is one of the nine EU-funded projects in this network.    

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