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The Human Exposome Assessment Platform
December 2023 - Issue 10 View online

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Take the "Your Exposome" quiz
Your Exposome – a quick quiz for citizen scientists
15 December 2023
Test your knowledge of the exposome! Exposome research needs the support and participation of members of the public. But has the average person in the street heard of […]
HEAP Symposium 2024
15 December 2023
The final HEAP Symposium will be held at the IARC Nouveau Centre in Lyon, France, and on-line, on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th May 2024. Day 1 will […]
Holding up a mirror to everyday chemicals
29 November 2023
Can researchers measure harmful effects from consumer chemicals by tracking the products we buy? Is it possible to trace a link from someone’s purchase history to their health? […]
The “Consumer purchase data” exposome
27 November 2023
Consumer Purchase Data (CPD) from Loyalty programs and digital receipts are emerging as a promising route to assessing the effect of everyday products on our health. Could this […]
New insights into the HPV virus
8 November 2023
A scientific study from HEAP researchers at Karolinska Institutet and the University of Oulu reveals that gender-neutral HPV vaccination is the best way to achieve community-level immune protection […]
Machine Learning for all – Hopsworks update
22 June 2023
Hopsworks is a Stockholm-based SME and the HEAP technical work package leader. HEAP researchers are using Hopsworks’ collaborative Machine Learning (ML) platform to build and manage features, training and […]
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The European Human Exposome Network website features an events calendar and social media feed with a wide range of exposome events. HEAP is one of the nine EU-funded projects in this network.    

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